Founded in March 2017, EVODI is a new Generation B2B Consulting Company

that helps its customers leverage the full value of Digital Transformation

We are strongly Business Focused and value :

  • Evolution

    because Innovation, Experimentation and Continuous Improvement is what makes up the best Experts.

  • Self Empowerment

    because it enables to build a Trustful environment where people Engage and Collaborate.

  • Openness

    because Diversity, Transparency, ability to Listen and to Communicate is what enables us to think “out of the box”

Our ambition is to build the New Generation of consulting teams that will become the undisputed Digital Change Enablers.

Christophe Garde

Christophe Garde

Consultant, CEO

During my 15 years of experience at providing global IS Services to the Business with a strong focus on Customer Satisfaction, Change Leadership and Continuous Improvement, I have always been committed at delivering the best results.

Being an expert in the domains of Data and Services Integration, I quickly understood how the Digital Technology and Culture were, if properly understood, a tremendous accelerator for businesses.

Confident in my capacity at developing Business Intimacy and at delivering Sustainable and Innovative solutions, I founded EVODI in March 2017 with the firm objective of building a strong Digital Team that will enable its customers to develop their business by leveraging the Digital Transformation.