Digital Strategy

We help you build your Digital Strategy supporting your Business Vision through the following :

  • Establish a factual picture of your assets : covering culture, governance and technology.
  • Emit observations, recommendations and formalizing the target objectives
  • Design evolutive roadmaps and action plans
  • Monitor the implementation progress

We work closely with your Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in all aspects of his mission.

Process Digitalization & Cloud Productivity

We support your Process Digitalization and Cloud Platforms projects through the following :

  • Formalize your requirements and project.
  • Help you choose the right Architecture, tools and teams.
  • Design and Implement your project

We cover those activities from a Strategy, Project Management and/or Development activities perspective.

Cultural Transformation & DevOps

More than a Technology shift, Digital Transformation is a Cultural Transformation. We support you in this transition and :

  • Establish the current status of your talents and culture
  • Prepare a target vision and the associated Change Management action plans
  • Build a guiding team, communicate, empower action and make change stick.

This cultural transformation is key for any company to survive as it determines its ability to attract, reveal, retain and renew talents in a sustainable way.