Sustainable Teamwork

After a Digital Transformation (sometime accomplished under pressure), the inspirations of employees have changed!

We support you in implementing a sustainable mixed-mode working model, using Collective Intelligence techniques (R. Dilts):

  1. Support your teams in expressing their needs and inspirations
  2. Co-build a shared vision of collaborative work in line with the company vision.
  3. Develop a roadmap, then implement it.
  4. Implement feedback loops and continuous improvement rituals.

This activity includes consideration of digital elements such as Microsoft365, Teams, Sharepoint, Viva, Miro etc…

Process Digitalization & Cloud Productivity

Effective collaboration also means Effective Processes!

We support your teams in:

  • modeling and mapping of business processes
  • the digitalization and automation of all or part of these processes for a reduced budget thanks to NoCode platforms.
  • simplification and improvement of these

We will often find here the use of components such as Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Sharepoint, Teams etc…