Services Architecture & API Management

With the overall Digitalization, in a near future, a lot of Human To Human (H2H) relationships will be replaced by Machine to Machine (M2M) links.

The Digital Enterprise will produce and consume thousands of Digital services, both internally and externally, through APIs.

As such, it is critical for companies to invest in securing solid foundations for their Integration Services.

Key elements of the discipline include articulating soft and hard skills, investing in teams, tools and principles, and adopting a DevOps culture.

Cloud Platforms & XaaS offerings

Everything As A Service (XaaS) opens new, flexible and efficient way to manage business requirements of the Digital Companies.

From Infrastructure to Business Services, from High-Control to High-Productivity platforms, the exponentially growing Cloud Services offerings give a huge choice to consuming companies to satisfy their needs in a very flexible and cost-effective way.

With offerings targeted at Digital Citizens, business departments can be fully empowered to build and customize their own services.

DevOps, Continuous Integration & Testing

With Flexibility, Agility and Speed becoming so important, yet is it necessary for companies to satisfy requirements in terms of Capacity, Reliability, Maintainability, Serviceability, Resilience and Security.

ITIL and DevOps are worldwide recognized practices that will allow the promotion of the right skills, methodologies and culture within the teams and enable your organization to succeed in the Digital Transformation.

Continous Integration & Testing will allow to automatize your deployment processes and help you to guarantee a high level of Quality with a high degree of Agility.